Indigenous Engagement

First Nations Community Partnerships

At Primco Dene, we believe in building opportunity, both at home and in communities across our country.  We are honoured to be considered a model in First Nation Business and economic development, and much of this is due to the incredible partnerships we have forged with Indigenous communities throughout the prairies. Together we are building on success to create prosperity for our people and communities.

Partnering to Create Opportunity

Primco Dene has partnered with Indigenous communities across Canada, including Muscowpetung Salteux Nation, Ermineskin Cree Nation and Swan Lake First Nations. We have worked together to develop unique economic development opportunities that create wealth, jobs and independence.

Partner With Us

We are always looking for Indigenous communities to partner with so we can continue to build opportunity on our traditional lands and for our people.

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2015 Canada Oil and Gas Awards – Finalist

Primco Dene was voted a finalist for the ‘Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility’ award.

2012 Alberta Chamber of Commerce

We were the proud recipient of the ‘Aboriginal Rewarding Partnerships Award’ by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce to celebrate and recognize Primco Dene and our Aboriginal partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and best practices in Aboriginal programs, sustainability and capacity building.

2008 Aboriginal Human Resource Development Strategy and Meadow Lake Tribal Council

Primco Dene was recognized for our dedication to the growth and development of the First Nation workforce in 2008 by Meadow Lake Tribal Council and Aboriginal Human Resource Development Strategy Canada.

What Our Partners Are Saying