Primco Dene began in 1999 to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us as a result of oilsands development on our traditional territory. We choose to work with Industry and create business on our land to establish employment for our people and wealth for our community.
We started small with 50 employees and relied on providing services which capitalized on the skills already present in our community such as catering and janitorial services.

Today we have grown to over 800 employees with the majority being aboriginal from 50 different aboriginal communities across Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. Our group of companies encompasses catering, janitorial, maintenance, emergency medical, internet and computer and security services, as well as commercial franchises.

We continue to add new companies to our Group by taking advantage of opportunities and by creating valuable partnerships.

Primco Dene is named after the two lakes within our territory, Primrose and Cold Lake, to make “Primco”. “Dene” is our language. “Denesuline” means people in our area. “Denesuline Yatiye” means Dene language.


Boundary is not fixed and is evolving as we continue to collect land use data from our Elders. This map outlines the traditional lands of Cold Lake First Nations (CLFN) as agreed by the Federal and Provincial governments under the Primrose Lake settlement agreement. When Industry seeks development within the traditional lands of CLFN, they are mindful to hold them to the principle of “A livelihood for a livelihood”

Primco Dene Group of Companies is a 100% wholly owned company operating within the traditional territory of Cold Lake First Nations.

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